a little surprised. His attention was completely attracted by Yang Pan’s breakthrough. When he saw Yang Pan pass the ball back, he noticed the team’s penalty area. Unmarked before!
“Li Yongle! Does anyone know how he appeared there?!” The
football rolled over, the speed of the ball was moderate, Li Yongle took a big step to catch up, and then kept the ball straight and volleyed!
Puyol, Albelda, Xavi, no one can stop Li Yongle from shooting, nor can any 南京龙凤网 one’s outstretched foot stop the ball that is rolling fast against the turf.
The football penetrated Spain’s defense line like a sharp arrow-thanks to Zhang Jun and Li Jie’s pull just now-goal: goal!
All the Chinese fans who stayed up late in front of the TV to follow the game were ready to cheer, but Casillas made an incredible save. When he fell to the ground, he blocked the football from the bottom line with his toes!
San Casillas!
The whole Bernabeu is cheering!
Yang Pan, who slipped out of bounds to pass the ball, sat on the ground and watched Li Yongle shoot directly unmarked. The quality of the ball was very high. Watching the football quickly penetrate the Spanish defense line and go straight to the goal. In the end, it was watching Casillas block the shot with his foot, killing them a beautiful offense.
He patted the turf hard, then jumped from the ground. Although it’s a pity not to score a goal, it also lets those arrogant Spanish media know that the Chinese team is not here to visit the Bernabéu-he knew in the chat with Li Yan before the game what the Spanish media’s attitude towards the game was. . They believe that the biggest gain of the Chinese 南京水磨会所 team’s trip should be to enjoy the Bernabeu’s locker room, and the disdain for disdain is very obvious.
This was the most threatening goal of the Chinese team in the first half, and then they were surrounded by the Spanish team and attacked near the penalty area.
Faced with the Spanish players with superior personal skills, even Xiang Tao and Li Yongle were embarrassed to dea