Jordan’s godhead is, because Su Feng’s future supporters must first admit that Jordan is a god before this “phenomenon” can be realized.
And as Jordan’s godhood gradually stabilizes, Su Feng’s “phenomenon” will become more and more popular.
This time, Nike Tu is more than the Chinese market?
This is to allow Jordan and Su Feng to truly stand shoulder to shoulder to conquer the global market 南京桑拿会所 together!
“Hiss——! After that, the pile of’phenomenon-level’ players in football have to be called’Su Feng-level’ stars?” Su Feng asked crookedly in his heart.
Fate is so wonderful.
Who said that saving the “old hooligans” or holding up Su Feng must be a contradictory relationship? 南京龙凤论坛
Didn’t Nike just use this antagonism cleverly this time?
After the Bulls were eliminated in the first round of this year, Jordan’s personality must be saved, otherwise the faith of many American basketball fans will be lost.
But in order to save the “old gangster”, you can’t suppress Su Feng, the golden mountain and silver mountain, right?
Therefore, long before coming to Su Feng, Nike and Jordan passed through.
Before returning the double business to God, the “old gangster” saw through Nike’s strategy at a glance.
Jordan can even foresee that after the “phenomenon” comes out, some true love Qiaomi will think that Nike is trying to abandon the A cone, and then in order to save themselves, they frantically buy the A cone picture.
And Su Feng can already foresee that after the “phenomenon” comes out, a group of Qiaohei 南京龙凤网 think that buying the “phenomenon” can defeat the A cone scene
wake up, you all think Nike is on the fifth floor, but in fact Nike has already played out.
“This cooperation, we will refer to the previous cooperation with Michael.
“Phenomena” will become an independent brand of Nike.”
Knight said while pushing the cooperation plan to Su Feng.
I have to say that Nike’s sincerity this time can be said to be full. After all, Nike has always been more generous to my family.
After all, Nik