“We have a real relationship with Spain. Last year’s Champions League round of 16 played Spain’s Real Madrid. This year we played Barcelona again.” After training, Xiang Tao said suddenly while taking a shower in the locker room and changing clothes.
“Well, Xiang, you can consider playing in Spain in the future, even the language level has passed. How about we talk in Spanish now?” Huajin joked with Xiang 南京桑拿会所 Tao.
Xiang Tao rolled his eyes, and then said in a tone of answering a reporter’s question: “Ah, the Spanish sunshine is very attractive, and the three-point girl is also very attractive, but I am now a Fiorentina player. Before the contract expires, I will only Consider playing for Florence.”
Everyone laughed.
Morientes on the side is looking forward to this Champions League very much. He used to be in Monaco, and it was his goal that eliminated Real Madrid, which made Raul cry that night. Now, he is going to personally eliminate Barcelona and pay the debts of the year. What’s more, he used to be a Real Madrid player, a Real Madrid player for one day, and a Barcelona enemy for life.
“We have a destiny with Spain, Barcelona is not very friendly to us” Frey sighed.
When he said this, the locker room was temporarily quiet. They 南京龙凤网 all know what’s going on. Like last year, the two sides had a big fight before the game. However, unlike last year, it was not the madman Sabato who was the first to attack this time, but the opposing forward Eto’o.
“Fiorentina? I heard that they were the Serie A champions last season? I don’t watch the Serie A games very much, but what I know 南京夜生活论坛 is that Serie A is now seriously declining. They are no longer the best league in the world. La Liga is. “This is what Eto’o said in an interview with reporters after he scored two goals in the last round of the league and helped Barcelona beat Sevilla 3-0.
The above remarks aroused strong criticism from the Italian media, but the embarrassment for Florentine is still to come.
“I only know that Zhang Jun in their team w